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When you give to DMRF, you are supporting progressive health research led by forward-thinking researchers. They understand that the health outcomes of tomorrow depend on the research excellence of today.

At DMRF, we foresee the immense task of imparting systemic change in the delivery of healthcare; it will require planning, collaboration, performance measures, and continued support from the public and private sectors. We are dedicated to working with like-minded community partners to make these significant changes, improving healthcare outcomes for our province and beyond. 

Your donations to DMRF influence the diagnosis, treatments, and cures of the future. Prevention, healthy living, and addressing the specific needs of vulnerable populations are crucial aspects of the research initiatives that are influencing societal change.

Through your support and a well-managed endowment, we are responding to the shifting paradigm of health issues in our region and beyond.

Joanne, DMRF CEO

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Our Funding Priorities

  • Improving Health Equity
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    At DMRF, we understand that health inequities arise from the unequal allocation of power and resources which leads to unequal social, economic, and environmental conditions.

    These social determinants of health deeply impact women, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, Black Nova Scotians, and the Indigenous population.

    DMRF has already begun to address these inequalities through the support of projects like the Wabanaki-Labrador Indigenous Health Research Network led by Dr. Debbie Martin, the women’s sexual health, sexual health in couples, and infertility research led by psychologist Dr. Natalie Rosen, and via Dr. OmiSoore Dryden’s pioneering work that focuses on blood donation barriers in the Black LGBTQ+ community, and also analyzes how anti-black racism, colonialism, and sexual exceptionalism shapes the blood system in Canada.

  • Harnessing the Body’s Immune System to Fight Disease
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    Without an immune system, our bodies would be open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and cancer. Immunotherapy is the field of immunology that aims to identify treatments for diseases through enhancement, inhibition, or redirection of an immune response.

    Immunotherapies have emerged as potent new therapies in recent years and are transforming the treatment of numerous diseases. Researchers in our region have taken a lead role in immunotherapy research and DMRF has enthusiastically supported these efforts.

    Most recently, DMRF committed to supporting the Frontiers project, which has Dalhousie cancer researcher, Dr. Shashi Gujar, collaborating with experts in India and all over the world, exploring ways in which viruses can be used to kill cancer, in the innovative field of immuno-oncology research.

  • Health Solutions Acceleration & Innovation
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    Advancing pioneering health research is key to finding faster diagnoses, better treatments, and cures for the diseases and conditions that impact each of us. Viewing health research through an entrepreneurial lens enables researchers to get health solutions to patients, faster.

    Additionally, utilizing technologies that allow for precision medicine, ensure we can treat human illness in a manner that does not impact their entire body. For example, biomaterials are synthetic or natural materials suitable for use in creating artificial organs and prostheses or to replace bone or tissue and can be used to positively affect multiple ailments that would have previously prevented functionality and wellness in an individual.

    The reach of this category is broad, impacting a multitude of health areas including cancer, cardiology, orthopedics, dentistry, ophthalmology, oncology, neurology, plastic medical procedure, and wound repair.

  • Training the Next Generation of Researchers
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    Students and early career investigators accelerate research into real life health solutions. Research trainees are the lifeblood of research labs, supporting senior scientists, supervisors, and primary investigators on the path to success. DMRF trainee programs are creating the health problem solvers of the future and shaping health and medicine for each of us.

    DMRF is already helping to fund a wide number of graduate and post-graduate traineeships in the research areas of I3V, Genomics, Cancer, Cardiology, Biomaterials, and Neuroscience. Additionally, DMRF has developed two new early career investigator funding grants in that of WaveMakers and DMRF Influencers for Health Research. As part of our commitment to building the research scientists of the future, DMRF funds a significant number of Research in Medicine (RIM) studentships, ensuring medical students are infused into the research environment from day one.

  • Brain Health Across the Lifespan
    ALZHEIMERS Sultan Darvesh and Meghan Cash

    Brain health is a vast research field that encompasses conditions ranging from early childhood development and its connections to mental health, severe mental health conditions like bipolar disorder, major depression, and schizophrenia, along with post traumatic stress, and forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease.

    DMRF has already made a significant impact on the funding for brain health, including Dr. Rudolf Uher’s pioneering Families Overcoming Risks and Building Opportunities for Well-being (FORBOW), Dr. Gabriela Ilie’s work in quality of life after cancer, the work of the Kathryn Weldon Chair in Alzheimer’s Research, Dr. Ken Rockwood, as well as Dr. Sultan Darvesh’s ground-breaking work in Alzheimer’s research.