Life Insurance

An immediate gift

A gift using life insurance can be a flexible means of arranging an immediate gift. We would be pleased to work with your advisors to create a gift plan that responds to your needs.

Using an existing policy

Perhaps you purchased a policy years ago to protect your young children, or another beneficiary who has since died. Although the policy is still active you may no longer require the coverage. You can contribute the policy by assigning ownership to DMRF. A tax receipt will be issued to you for the cash value less any outstanding loans against the policy.

“Wealth Replacement” insurance

You may be considering a gift of a cash asset but are reluctant because you wish that asset to be available to your heirs. Or perhaps through planning you have determined that there will be significant income taxes triggered on your death. Contributing the cash and then purchasing a life insurance policy that either pays directly to your heirs or to your estate is an inexpensive way to support medical research and offset taxes, or ensure that your heirs are not disadvantaged by the gift. The resulting tax credit from the outright gift will reduce and sometimes eliminate the premium cost of the insurance.