DMRF CORES Facilities Fund

The tremendous advances in medical research and discovery over the last decade correspond directly to the explosion of new technologies. These emerging technologies represent essential new tools in the biomedical research arsenal. However, this equipment is expensive and requires specialized oversight in order to operate to the maximum benefit of the research endeavour.

To ensure that Dalhousie researchers have access to leading-edge infrastructure and expertise, the medical school is working to establish a centralized network of core research facilities to house and provide access to new equipment. The "CORES," as they are known, are staffed by expert personnel, who manage the sophisticated equipment - critical apparatus and infrastructure like molecular and cellular imaging, robotics, databases, etc. - contained within each facility.

Core facilities benefit a broad range of research programs at Dalhousie, including such areas as Alzheimer's disease, inflammation, drug development and more.

An investment of $5 million in the DMRF Core Facilities Fund will provide a sustainable source of funding for existing and future core facilities located at Dalhousie Medical School's Life Sciences Research Institute (LSRI), a research and incubator space for the life sciences. This will ensure that Dalhousie researchers have the supports they need to apply their knowledge for the well-being of our Maritime communities, our country and our world.