Health Research Matters Campaign

Behind every great discovery, there are many people who have worked tirelessly, dedicated to breaking through existing boundaries and acquiring new knowledge that will change the world as we know it.

This is particularly true when unearthing a new medicine or medical treatment. The intellectual curiosity and unwavering commitment of physicians, scientists, students, volunteers and other medical professionals have greatly shaped the high quality of medical care we enjoy in Canada’s Maritime Provinces today.

Once-deadly diseases are now treatable or have been eradicated altogether. Debilitating conditions are often manageable with the right treatment. And preventive measures means that many medical issues are stopped in their tracks, never having the chance to take hold and wreak unimaginable havoc.

Dalhousie University researchers are at the forefront of this medical research revolution. For well over a century, research projects conducted at the medical school and its affiliated hospitals have translated discoveries into medical practices used by health professionals, dramatically improving patient health and, in many cases, saving lives.

From brain repair to mental health to cancer therapies, the medical innovations are incredible and their impact extraordinary. Our vision is to build on this foundation, improving health outcomes for our Maritime communities through the power of research. We invite you to read through these pages and meet some of the people — both patients and researchers — who are impacted by the work performed at Dalhousie Medical School every day. 

As you will see, health research really does matter to us all.

Health Research Matters will give researchers on the front lines of discover access to a sustainable source of funding and to sophisticated technologies and infrastructure required for vital research programs. With this campaign, two investment priorities have been identified:

DMRF CORES Facilities Fund

DMRF Research Investment Fund