Current Fundraising Priorities

Your transformational gift may be directed to one of our defined fundraising priorities or you may choose to support our area of greatest need. Your gift to DMRF is used to support the creation of state-of-the art laboratory space, purchase the newest technological advances in research equipment, train young students in research and attract top medical researchers to the Maritimes. These researchers collaborate with others around the globe to cure diseases that impact individuals and families world-wide.

While the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation funds many areas of medical research our current fundraising priorities are:

  • Health Research Matters Campaign
    • DMRF CORE Facilities Fund – State of the art shared research laboratories
    • DMRF Research Investment Fund
  • MSologist
  • Chair in Mood Disorder Research
  • Parkinson’s Disease Research
  • Curing Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Research In Medicine
  • Area of Greatest Need