Transformational Gifts

Chances are someone close to you has been affected by a serious disease or medical condition. At Dalhousie Medical School hundreds of researchers, clinicians and medical support teams are hard at work seeking cures, developing effective treatments, and preventing diseases and conditions that affect us all. Thanks to the support of donors like you, we are achieving tremendous success in many areas.

Your transformational gift of $25,000 or more ensures financial security and helps to transform research into patient care that has tangible impact. This philanthropic investment is a tangible expression of your values and your hope for the future. 

Your transformational gift may be directed to one of our defined fundraising priorities or you may choose to support our area of greatest need. Your gift to DMRF is used to support the creation of state-of-the art laboratory space, purchase the newest technological advances in research equipment, train young students in research and attract top medical researchers to the Maritimes. These researchers collaborate with others around the globe to cure diseases that impact individuals and families world-wide.

Donations may be given in one lump sum or pledged over a number of years and are, typically, eligible for a tax receipt. You may choose to make a donation with cash or through gifts of securities.

By arranging either a future or immediate gift of assets, you are contributing to excellence in medical research at Dalhousie Medical School and its affiliated teaching institutions.

We can help you ensure your gift meets your goals for you and your family, and provides the maximum impact for medical research. Our Development Team supports donors who are interested in making transformational gifts, whether that is a current or deferred gift. We have an extremely knowledgeable team of professional fundraisers who provide stewardship to past donors (showing them the impact of their donations) and help future donors match their interests with the highest research needs of the Dalhousie Medical School. 

Our Development Team would be delighted to discuss the options and assist you and your advisors in confidence.

Director of Philanthropy
Joanne Bath
(902) 494-1978
(902) 471-7032


Manager Planned & Annual Giving
Carol Murray