Charitable Remainder Trust

Some gift arrangements allow you to receive a life income and take advantage of immediate tax savings. A charitable remainder trust is established by creating a legal trust funded with an asset (usually cash or investments). The annual income generated by the trust is paid to you during your lifetime. Upon your death the trust principal is paid to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation to support medical research.

If the trust is established so that you may not encroach upon the principal during your lifetime an income tax receipt is issued for the present value of the trust. The older you are when you establish the trust, the higher the amount of the receipt.

Using an orchard analogy, you have given the fruit tree but have kept the fruit!

For those over age 70 and who intend to make a charitable bequest in their will, a charitable remainder trust can be an attractive alternative.

Please contact the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation about the many benefits of these trusts. Our gift planning specialist, Christena Copeland, would be delighted to discuss the options and assist you and your advisors in confidence. To contact Christena, call (902) 494-1856 or email: