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Integrity, transparency and accountability, as well as inspiring excellence, are two important values of our organization. With that in mind, we created our Impact Report, a document designed to celebrate you, the DMRF donor. In this report, we detail many of the year's success stories, all in recognition of the important relationship that exists between donor and researcher. Your giving creates significant impact. 

DMRF thanks you for your continued support.

Our latest issue:

The theme of this year’s Impact Report is Your Health. Our World.

At DMRF, we adhere to the principle that your health is our world. We have a long and proud history of supporting ground-breaking local health research: our Foundation was created to fill this critical need. Our vision stands to be a bold and innovative leader in advancing life-changing health research in the Maritimes, across the country, and across the globe.

Check out our latest Impact Report here:

Impact Report

Since 1979, Dalhousie University health researchers have been the sole recipient of more than $70 million dollars from DMRF donors. In fact, donor generosity has allowed us to raise more than $110 million and establish an $85 million endowment, ensuring we have the funds to bolster health research at Dalhousie for years to come. This carefully managed financial portfolio enables DMRF to secure our operations, while offering other exceptional fundraising programs to further grow excellent health research projects at Dalhousie.

We are grateful.

Joanne Bath, DMRF CEO

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Past issues:

A message of thanks, from our CEO, Joanne Bath. 

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