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Integrity, transparency and accountability, as well as inspiring excellence, are two important values of our organization. With that in mind, we created our Impact Report, a document designed to celebrate you, the DMRF donor. In this report, we detail many of the year's success stories, all in recognition of the important relationship that exists between donor and researcher. Your giving creates significant impact. 

DMRF thanks you for your continued support.

Our latest issue:

The theme of this year’s Impact Report is that of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You, as a DMRF donor, have played an important role in the story of our Foundation:

YESTERDAY: it was donors like you, who came together, because they cared about local health research and our Foundation was formed;

your giving is sustaining world-renowned collaborative health research in our community and beyond;

your gifts will improve health outcomes for each of us, not only in the form of diagnoses, treatments, and cures, but in advancing health equity for vulnerable populations and improving access to care.

Check out our latest Impact Report here:

Impact Report 2021

You are part of the DMRF team: from researchers, staff, volunteers, and community partners, you, as a donor, play a vital role in our success. Thanks to you, DMRF has had its largest granting year yet, seeing us pay out over $6.2 million to local health research. That’s an astonishing $600,000 increase from last fiscal’s $5.6 million, which, at the time, was a landmark for our Foundation.

Joanne Bath, DMRF CEO

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Past issues:

A message of thanks, from our CEO, Joanne Bath. 

Learn more about DMRF's Annual Report: