2019 Molly Appeal Campaign for Cardiovascular Research

The Molly Appeal

More than 35 years ago Molly Moore took a simple but dramatic step. She gave five dollars to Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF). While not a woman of great means, she believed that if everyone made a gift to support medical research, together we could make a big difference. Molly's remarkable first step inspired DMRF to launch the annual Molly Appeal campaign in her honour. Molly continued to give what she could throughout her life.

100% of every gift to the annual Molly Appeal supports medical research at Dalhousie Medical School right here in the Maritimes. Molly's commitment continues to inspire thousands of people to give to the annual appeal, which has raised over $5 million to date.

Molly's Appeal for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day the Breen-Porter family is celebrating together thanks to the great strides made by medical research supported by people like you. Mother Kaitlin shares the touching story of her youngest daughter Everly, who was born with a congenital heart disease that could have taken her life; for a while, they didn't know if she would survive. 

This Spring, we are raising funds to support critical heart research, right here at Dalhousie's Faculties of Medicine in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Our researchers want to reduce heart disease locally and around the world. You can help us reach our $100,000 goal, that will help us expand biobank facilities. This biobank will ehance our capacity for sample and data collection, which strengthens collaborative research. The biobank houses heart tissues and health information from patients, providing a rich resource for cardiovascular researchers at Dalhousie Medical School in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Together, we CAN make a difference. 

You, as donors, are a critical part of the team that keeps babies like Everly strong and healthy and able to enjoy a beautiful Mother's Day with her family. Thank you for your support!

Click HERE to read more about Everly and the Breen-Porter Family's story. 

Learn more about why you should help with this special letter for Everly.



The Maritimes are home to the highest rates of heart disease in Canada, as well as the highest rates of such important risk factors as older age, frailty, obesity and diabetes. Dalhousie’s growing team of heart researchers is investigating how these factors contribute to heart disease—including a poorly understood form of heart failure known as diastolic heart failure that affects more women than men.

Dalhousie’s cardiovascular researchers will use the biobank to learn what drives the development of  diastolic heart failure—and other forms of heart disease—and to explore potential new cures. Our researchers are investigating many different angles—such as the effect of sex hormones, exercise, age, frailty and metabolic disorders on the development of heart disease. They are even studying how the heart adapts to the demands of pregnancy, to see if any of these mechanisms could be harnessed as a treatment for heart failure. Together, their heartfelt desire is to save and improve the lives of the thousands of Maritimers.

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Our Researchers

Dalhousie Medical School's researchers are passionate in their pursuit of answers. New Faces of Molly, they are making critical discoveries that are bringing us closer than ever to lasting cures for a wide range of devastating diseases and conditions. In so doing, they are truly taking Molly’s mission into the 21st century.

The new Faces of Molly include Dalhousie Medical School’s researchers, striving for cures with support from Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation donors.



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