2016 Molly Appeal for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Research

2016-17 Molly Appeal for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Research

This year's Molly appeal is dedicated to collaborative research in the vast area of inflammation, infection and immunity.
At some point in our lives we all face issues in these areas, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or geography.

Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis Letter 2016-17 Molly Appeal for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Research (PDF)

Theresa Morley Letter 2016-17 Molly Appeal for Inflammation, Infection and Immunity Research (PDF)

Advances in research will lead to better understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention for many complex and related conditions.
Please give generously to this year's Molly Appeal and help researchers unlock the mysteries of inflammation, infection and immunity and improve quality of life for all of us and our families.

Faces of Molly 2016-17

Dr. Anil Adisesh explores health effects of workplace exposures
Dr. Lisa Barrett explores new approaches to rejuvenating worn-out immunity
Dr. Jeanette Boudreau programs NK cells to kill virus-infected and cancerous cells
Dr. Beata Derfalvi explores treatments for pediatric immune diseases
Dr. Thomas Issekutz gets to bottom of immune deficiency and autoimmune disorders
Dr. Morgan Langille leads initiative for computer analysis of the microbiome 
Dr. Andrew Makrigiannis helps Natural Killer cells destroy harmful targets
Dr. Jean Marshall explores ways to prevent allergies, cancers and inflammation
Dr. Andrew Stadnyk turns pro-inflammatory cells into anti-inflammatory agents
Dr. Johan Van Limbergen searches gut bacteria for clues and cures to Crohn’s disease

Meet more of our Inflammation, Infection and Immunity researchers.

Did You Know?

Each year the Molly Appeal focus alternates on a rotating basis for the four key areas of research emphasis and excellence at Dalhousie Medical School: the related areas of Inflammation, Infection & ImmunityCancerNeuroscience and Cardiovascular.

Learn about the many research initiatives happening in the Maritimes at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine in Nova Scotia and in New Brunswick at Dalhousie Medicine NB (DMNB) by reading our Faces of Molly section.