2014 Molly Appeal for Neuroscience Research

On Monday, July 30th, 2018, Fred West, the champion of two DMRF Molly Appeal campaigns passed away, leaving behind his beloved wife Ann, family, friends and a legacy as a person living with dementia for over 21 years. At the age of 58, Fred was diagnosed with dementia believed to be Alzheimer's disease. Ann and he worked diligently with health care providers while benefiting from regular exercise and socialization.  Ann and Fred firmly believed that a combination of all those activities, along with learning about the disease, as important reasons why he lived so long with dementia.  Thank you, Fred, Ann, and the entire West family for your courage, devotion, and commitment.  

2014-15 Molly Appeal for Neuroscience Research

We all know someone who is losing memory and abilities to Alzheimer's disease or dementia; we very likely know people living with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, ALS, spinal cord injury, mental illness, or another of the many diseases that can affect our brains and nervous systems.

Researchers at Dalhousie Medical School and the Brain Repair Centre are learning more everyday about how our nervous systems work and what goes wrong in disease – they're using this knowledge to pioneer groundbreaking new technologies for early diagnosis of brain and nervous system diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to stopping brain damage and curing these debilitating diseases.

Every dollar donated to this year's Molly Appeal will be used to expand and improve the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. This is an important facility that provides researchers with brain tissues donated by people in the Maritimes who understood the power of research. Started 20 years ago with a focus on Alzheimer's and dementia research, once it's expanded, the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank will be able to house a greater number and variety of brain tissues. This will enable our researchers to answer pressing questions in their search for cures for a host of brain disorders.

Please help researchers at Dalhousie Medical School and the Brain Repair Centre create effective new treatments for Alzheimer's and other nervous system diseases that affect families here in the Maritimes and around the world.

Faces of Molly 2014-15

Dr. Rob Brownstone - revealing spinal cord circuits' control of movement
Dr. Sultan Darvesh - pioneering early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Alon Friedman - stopping epilepsy and other brain diseases before they start
Dr. Victor Rafuse - pursuing innovative approaches to diagnosis and treatment of ALS
Dr. Kenneth Rockwood - understanding the aging brain to reduce dementia risk
Dr. Ying Zhang - embarks on studies of the role of interneurons in ALS

ALS Research Group

Meet more of our neuroscience researchers.

Did You Know?

The Molly Appeal focus alternates on a rotating basis each year for the four key areas of research emphasis and excellence at Dalhousie Medical School: neuroscience, cardiovascular, the related fields of infection, inflammation and immunity, and cancer.

Learn about the many research initiatives happening in the Maritimes at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine by reading our Faces of Molly section.