2013 Molly Appeal for Cancer Research

2013 Molly Appeal for Cancer Research

The 2013 -14 Molly Appeal is dedicated to cancer research at Dalhousie Medical School. Everyone of us has been touched by cancer, in some way, at some time. This devastating disease claims more than 75,000 lives a year in Canada, accounting for one-third of all deaths in the country. And here in the Maritimes, we have more than our share for the size of our population.

Researchers at Dalhousie Medical School are pursuing groundbreaking new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Their efforts will make a difference – but they do urgently need more advanced equipment to help them reach their goals.

Every penny donated to this year’s Molly Appeal will be used to establish a Live-cell Imaging Facility at Dalhousie Medical School. Live-cell imaging is an incredibly powerful tool for cancer research. With this facility, our cancer researchers will be able watch what’s happening inside living cells, in real-time, high-definition video. These images will reveal a wealth of new information about how cancer starts, how it grows and spreads, and how it responds to potential treatments.

The equipment purchased through your gift to the 2013 Molly Appeal will be a vital addition to the gamma irradiator and RNA-interference facilities made possible thanks to the past support of Molly Appeal donors. With these facilities, our researchers will be able to develop new cancer treatments that gain better results with fewer harmful side effects.

Please, help us create the next generation of safer more effective treatments for the many kinds of cancers that affect families here in the Maritimes and around the world.

Faces of Molly 2013-14

Dr. Jason Berman - working with zebrafish to improve treatments
Dr. Drew Bethune - new pathways to more effective lung cancer treatment
Dr. Graham Dellaire - fighting cancer on all fronts
Dr. Roy Duncan - identifying aggressive prostate cancer
Dr. David Hoskin - natural approaches to optimizing cancer treatment
Dr. Patrick Lee & Dr. Sashi Gujar - preventing cancer recurrence with virus therapy
Dr. Paola Marcato & Dr. Carman Giacomantonio - taking aim at cancer’s “bad guys”
Dr. Paola Marignani - new hope for aggressive breast cancers
Dr. Craig McCormick - shedding light on Kaposi’s Sarcoma
Dr. Chris Richardson - new strategies for battling cancer in dogs

Did You Know?

The Molly Appeal focus alternates between four key areas of research emphasis and excellence at Dalhousie Medical School: neuroscience, cardiovascular, the related fields of infection, inflammation and immunity, and cancer.

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation's Molly Appeal for 2014-15 is dedicated to neuroscience research at Dalhousie Medical School. This campaign will raise funds in support of the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. This core facility is used by researchers who are trying to better understand the causes of dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. Important work in spinal cord injury research is also being conducted in the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. Watch for researcher profiles, patient stories, and further details when the campaign launches in September 2014.

Learn about the many research initiatives happening in the Maritimes at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine by reading our Faces of Molly section.