Molly's Runners will run again!!!
... for the 7th year in a row ...

Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon 2015 events are Saturday, May 16th - Youth Run & 5 km & Sunday, May 17th - 10 km, Half & FULL Marathon...

Molly's Runners Team 2011 - l. to r. Shawna O’Hearn, Corinne Dewar, Jesslyn Kinney, Alison Edwards, Judy Johnston, Gerry Johnston, Joan Sargeant, Jyl MacKinnon, Grace Kelly, Shelly Kelly, Leslie MacKenzie, Jane Greenlaw (Photo: Marie Weeren) Missing from photo (…already running…): Jim Grove, Norma Houston, Carla Ross & Frank Sobey

Molly’s Runners Team 2011 included 16 runners and 160 sponsors. Together, they raised $13,684 for the Molly Appeal!

Eight participants ran the 5K including one age division 1st place - Norma Houston. Five participants ran the 10K, and three participants, including Team Captain, Alison Edwards, ran the half Marathon.

Leslie MacKenzie, Katelyn Robart’s aunt, & friends, Grace and Shelly Kelly, ran to honour the memory of Katelyn, our wonderful Molly Appeal ambassador, who we lost to her valiant fight against cancer in October 2010. 

“Running for K8” - l. to r. Leslie MacKenzie, Katelyn Robarts’ aunt, Alison Edwards, Jyl MacKinnon, Grace Kelly & Shelly Kelly (Photo: Marie Weeren)

Congratulations and THANK YOU to all our runners and generous sponsors!  

To join Molly’s Runners Team 2014 as a Runner or a Sponsor please contact:
Team Captain, Alison Edwards, by calling (902) 494-3502 or email

About Molly's Runners

Molly's Runners is a way for participants in the Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon to contribute to medical research. Simply register as a Molly's Runner with Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation, and collect pledges. Your hard work will benefit the many Maritimers who rely on medical research.

"I just kept running one foot in front of the other."
Mark Black 28 year-old double lung and heart transplant survivor.

Running for life

The wind and rain were fierce, and the thought crossed Mark Black’s mind that he could just stop running. Then he looked at his hand and the three names written there – friends who waited for transplants that didn’t come in time – and he kept going.

“I looked at those names and it just reminded me how lucky I was to be able to be doing what I was doing,” recalls Black, the recipient of a heart and double-lung transplant. "So I just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I got to the end."

As a Molly Appeal Ambassador, Black combined his love of running with his belief in medical research, as he encourages others to become Molly’s Runners. Molly’s Runners register in any event (5k walk/run, 10k,  half or full marathons) at the Scotiabank Bluenose Charity Challenge. We encourage you to follow in Mark's footsteps and raise pledges for Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation’s Molly Appeal in support of local medical research.

“I owe my life to medical research and I owe what I hope will be a long future to what they’re going to discover in the next five years. My life is very connected to medical research," says Black.

To register as a Molly's Runner, contact Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation at (902) 494-3502 or email: This year the Bluenose Marathon is Sunday, May 17, 2015.