About the Molly Appeal

Nearly 40 years ago Molly Moore took a simple but dramatic step. She gave five dollars to Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF). While not a woman of great means, she believed that if everyone made a gift to support medical research, together we could make a big difference. Molly's remarkable first step inspired DMRF to launch the annual Molly Appeal campaign in her honour. Molly continued to give what she could throughout her life.

Your gifts to the annual Molly Appeal support medical research at Dalhousie Medical School right here in the Maritimes. Molly's commitment continues to inspire thousands of people to give to the annual appeal, which has raised over $6 million to date.

Molly Moore believed that if we all give what we can to support medical research each year, together we can make a big difference in peoples' lives. She was right and continues to be over 35 years later.

"Research is the best medicine." - Molly Moore

The Molly Appeal is a heart-felt invitation to the people of the Maritime provinces and beyond to support local medical research by donating to Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation. Founded in 1979, DMRF is an independent registered charitable organization established for the sole purpose of funding excellence in medical research at Dalhousie University Medical School and its affiliated institutions in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation dedicates the proceeds of each annual Molly Appeal to one of four key areas of research emphasis and excellence at Dalhousie Medical School: Cardiovascular, Immunology, Cancer and Neuroscience.

Dalhousie Medical School's  Researchers - Faces of Molly - are passionate in their pursuit of answers. They are making critical discoveries that are bringing us closer  to cures for a wide range of devastating diseases and conditions. In so doing, they are truly taking Molly’s mission into the 21st century.

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