It’s hard to think about children enduring painful procedures without any type of pain management. Harder still to know that often, their pain could be lessened or even taken away with easy, accessible pain solutions.

The research done in the area of children’s pain management is extensive. But these evidence-based solutions often don’t make it past the lab and into the hands of the doctors and nurses treating our kids. In fact, two-thirds of children in hospital undergo painful procedures without any pain management. And 75 percent of parents say they do not know how to manage their kids’ pain.

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Your gift to this year’s Molly Appeal will provide crucial funding for Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP), a country-wide initiative that takes research findings from the lab, and shares it with parents, caregivers and healthcare practitioners throughout Canada—and around the world.

Your donation will not only prevent unnecessary pain in children, it will also save them from the life-long impacts of poorly managed pain, which can include trauma and changes in brain development.

Thank you for helping us put life-changing research into practice—to benefit children right here in the Maritimes and around the world.


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A Chronic Battle with Childhood Pain: Mylène Pinet’s Journey

At three years old, Mylène Pinet began communicating to her parents that she was in pain. This pain wasn’t typical as she was experiencing it throughout her entire body, with no apparent cause. Mylène’s parents took her to specialist after specialist, but no real answers came. “I was in so much pain that I regularly missed school.” says Mylène. “Coming from a family of dancers, I dreamed of following in their footsteps, but I was forced to watch my peers move on while my pain held me back. My pain made every day of my life a struggle.”

At age 14, Mylène was referred to the Pediatric Pain Clinic in Halifax where she felt her pain was taken seriously. A multidisciplinary team of experts worked together and soon her pain became more manageable. She was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome III, a connective tissue disorder characterized by hypermobility that explained the pain she had experienced for so many years. “Working with the Pediatric Pain Clinic team was truly transformational,” says Mylène. “Thanks to their expertise and pain management strategies I became well enough to go to university, participate in the workforce, move out of my parents’ home, and live an independent adult life.”

Today, Mylène has found her dream job working with Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) as a Communications Coordinator.

“Through SKIP, I’m helping to get the latest research and solutions for childhood pain into the hands of healthcare providers and families, so that others don’t have to suffer the way I did. If SKIP had existed when I was young, my doctors and my parents could have had more resources and information at their fingertips, to help better understand and manage my pain.”






DR. CHRISTINE CHAMBERS                                                                               

Dalhousie Researcher, Clinical Psychologist and Scientific Director of Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP)

Dr. Chambers is a clinical psychologist whose research is aimed at improving the assessment and management of children’s pain. She is world-renowned with over 150 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and identified as one of the top ten most productive women clinical psychology professors in Canada. Her Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) funded “It Doesn’t Have to Hurt” initiative for parents generated 150 million content views worldwide, trended nationally on social media several times, won multiple national and international awards, and was featured in The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, and on CBC’s The National. A leader in patient engagement and knowledge mobilization, Dr. Chambers has given numerous public presentations including a TEDx talk. She is the Scientific Director of a recently established $7.3 million national Networks of Centres of Excellence Canada knowledge mobilization initiative with over 100 partners, Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP). Headquartered at Dalhousie, SKIP’s mission is to improve children's pain management by mobilizing evidence-based solutions through coordination and collaboration.



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