NEW! DMRF Spring 2018 Molly Appeal for Neuroscience Research


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This new campaign is raising funds for essential equipment our neuroscience researchers urgently require to develop diagnostics and cures for Alzheimer's disease and other disorders of the brain. In fact, many other researchers whose work relies on detailed tissue analysis in the areas of cancer, cardiology, and immunology also need this new equipment.

The equipment is called the Leica HistoCore Pearl. It's an automated tissue-processing machine that prepares tissues so they can be cut into five micron-thick slices and examined under a microscope.

"Properly prepared brain tissues allow us to see individual neurons and even the synapses between them," says Dr. Sultan Darvesh, a Dalhousie Medical School neurologist who is known around the world for his work to develop the very first technology for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease in a living person's brain. "We want to detect brain diseases and intervene before brain function has been lost."

The Leica HistoCore PEARL will replace an outmoded tissue processor with a high-capability machine that will advance the work of more than three dozen researchers, in neuroscience and many other fields, like cancer, cardiology and immunology.

"The new tissue processor will provide much greater efficiency and precision than the machine it will replace," says Dr. David Waisman, a senior Dalhousie scientist who spearheaded the application for the new tissue processor. "It will allow our researchers to collect exceptionally detailed information, with absolute confidence in the integrity of their results."

This spring's Molly appeal provides Maritimers with the opportunity to support world-class research on the brain taking place right here in the region at Dalhousie Medical School.

Meet some of the researchers whose work will benefit from the use of this new tissue processing machine : 

Dr. Sultan Darvesh pioneers technology for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Dr. Eileen Denovan-Wright explores cannabinoids' potential harms and benefits in the brain
Dr. Alon Friedman seeks to halt blood-vessel damage in the brain
Dr. Barbara Karten examines cholesterol's role in brain health and disease
Dr. David Waisman explores the role of fibrin in cancer, cardiovascular and neurological disease

Meet more of our Neuroscience Researchers