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The DMRF Influencers program is an exclusive giving program that is designed to make you an essential aspect of the local health research community.

When you join DMRF Influencers, at either the Influencer or Influencer Champion level, you become a dedicated, two-year supporter and an influencer of local, leading-edge health research. As an Influencer, you can expect exclusive research updates and an opportunity to network with community philanthropists and health professionals while selecting which project your membership pledges will support.

We chatted with DMRF Influencer, Lisa Bayers to hear more about why she joined the program. Check it out!

Lisa Bayer

How did you hear about DMRF? How long have you been a donor?

I heard about DMRF through a client of mine who motivated me to learn more, just earlier this year. I am a new donor to DMRF and excited to support a great organization with such a long history of impacts to the medical industry.

What made you decide to become a DMRF Influencer Champion?

As a real estate agent, my clients are often entering a new stage In life and are looking to buy or sell a property. As we know, when making a decision on where to live, healthcare availability and quality is a very important part of that decision. I know that by supporting local health research I am contributing to healthcare improvements here in Nova Scotia.

What is one thing you would like to tell others about DMRF and the Influencer program?

By being a champion for the Health Influencers program, I am able to engage with, and learn about world class research that happens at home here in Halifax. The gift amounts for this program are reasonable for smaller businesses or individuals looking to expand their personal philanthropy, while significant enough to make an impact. As a Realtor I also value the opportunity to network with like minded community members and professionals who also care about improving the health of our communities and our healthcare system.

Learn more about the DMRF Influencers program HERE or contact Giving Officer, Simone Spears.

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