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We’re entering 2022 with a refreshed brand narrative and visual identity.

Welcome to our new “Let’s Talk About…” series - where we will take the stage monthly to answer your questions, dive deeper into research, explore relevant topics, and more. And with the launch of our new visual identity and brand narrative, we’d love to talk about it!

You may have noticed that we’ve “stepped beyond the beaker”, and into a new era of health research that has the power to change the world - and our brand is coming along for the ride!

Our ongoing goal here at DMRF is to advance health research outcomes both locally and abroad. Good health is a necessary aspect of human life and we believe that everyone, regardless of gender, race, culture, ability, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, deserves to be included in all facets of the health research journey.

DMRF Brand and Narrative Journey

Our Narrative Journey

For over forty years, our Foundation has been led by caring and compassionate community leaders, who believe our region has a solid place on the global health research stage. We understand that philanthropy plays a vital role in improving whole human health by aiding in the recruitment and retention of exceptional talent to this region, which in turn, brings essential dollars and jobs to our economy. Philanthropy gives brilliant health research minds the opportunity to explore and produce health research excellence.

Today, we fund millions of dollars each year to local health research that is collaborative, has international impacts, and is establishing preventative measures, faster diagnoses, better treatments, and ultimately, cures for the many health conditions and diseases impacting each of us. We respond nimbly, using our philanthropic leadership and prowess to address the critical health research needs of our time.

So, why rebrand?

Our refreshed narrative laid a strong foundation for the continued evolution of the DMRF brand. As a natural next step, we proceeded to re-evaluate our visual identity and tagline. While we revere the proud history and meaning behind our beaker icon, we felt it could no longer encompass the vast scope and range of research being funded at DMRF. In assessing the facts, we found our purpose and guiding light in identifying a simplified, clear, and refined visual identity.

We provide funding for leading-edge health research. We are an innovative organization that constantly seeks new ways of doing things. We move quickly to respond to emerging and constantly changing needs when it comes to health, and we believe in transparency and ensuring our donors both know and feel good about where and how their money is spent. We are proud to be based in Atlantic Canada, but the research we support knows no boundaries—we contribute to change on a global scale.

Upon consideration, and within times of such dynamic change, DMRF saw our immense ability to adapt, grow, lead, and affect change. We understand the power we have to not only support critical health research science but to drive societal change as it relates to health research outcomes.

We are more, and we want our brand to speak to more.

And that’s what this new visual identity and narrative speak to: our evolution, our growth, and our desire to support life-changing health research.

We have established a new mission-oriented strategy highlighting DMRF's health research impact areas, referring to them fondly as the Focused 5. These focuses are represented visually within our logo by the 5 overlapping rings signifying the various overlaps that the Focused 5 have with each other in the field of research.


Thank you for your continued support

Join us on this next chapter of DMRF’s brand story. We are so excited to face the future - and have appreciated your loyalty along the way.

Enjoy this video of our visual identity and narrative journey and enjoy exploring our new website!

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