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It feels good to give.

We all know it can feel good to give. That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you give a gift you thoughtfully picked out and carefully wrapped is second-to-none. Here in the Maritimes, helping others comes naturally. We hold doors open for fellow shoppers and do good deeds all year round, especially when times are tough. Although many of us don’t do it for the praise, there is the added bonus that giving back makes you feel great.

When we think about mental wellbeing, research shows that having support systems in place and developing tools to manage mental health challenges are crucial. Taking steps toward your happiness and mental health can be helpful when facing difficult times, like many of us experienced in 2020.

When we give to others, whether it’s our time, our energy, or our dollars, we are experiencing a number of mental health benefits for ourselves, including increasing our overall happiness.

The Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation funds ground-breaking health research being done right here in the Maritimes. One of the greatest things about giving to DMRF is that donors have the opportunity to see the impact their donations make in a real way, right here in Atlantic Canada. Having that tangible “return on investment” makes it easy for us to experience those warm and fuzzies, through connecting with the research community, hearing patient impact stories, and learning more about how their donation is being spent, further multiplying that happiness we initially feel when we give.

As we begin another new year, we encourage all our friends and partners to do what brings you joy and happiness this year, and to give back when you can. Trust us, it feels good.