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Our blog, Behind the Breakthroughs, is where we share stories from our donors, patients, and researchers, talk about exciting scientific breakthroughs in our region and beyond, and give updates on our ongoing projects!

Behind the Breakthroughs explores important topics around health care and health research, philanthropy, and more. We'd love to hear your feedback or suggestions on topics you'd like to read about. 


Impact Stories

Research Spotlight

Her Heart Matters: Raising Awareness of Women's Heart Disease

Heart Disease is on the rise. It's the leading cause of death for women worldwide. February 13th is…

Research Spotlight

Men's Health Awareness Month: Meet Dr. Gabriela Ilie - creator of PC-PEP

The program - referred to as PC-PEP (an acronym for Prostate Cancer Patient Empowerment Program) -…

Research Spotlight

Meet Dr. Paola Marignani

During breast cancer awareness month, we had the opportunity to connect with renowned researcher,…

Research Spotlight

Meet Dr. John Frampton - Innovative Solutions to Global Challenges

Can you imagine a sustainable, virus-killing face mask? Your giving has the power to advance health…

Research Spotlight

Research Spotlight: A Conversation with Dr. Omisoore Dryden

A Black queer femme, Dr. Dryden is the James R Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies, Faculty of…

Research Spotlight

Meet Dr. Shashi Gujar

Dr. Shashi Gujar, an immunologist, scientist, professor at Dalhousie University, and award-winning…

Research Spotlight

Mental Health Should Be Top-of-Mind

As we are now a couple of months into 2021, and we reflect on the challenges we have faced in the…

Research Spotlight

Research Spotlight: Dr. Natalie Rosen

The Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation is proud to support Dr. Rosen's important research and we…