Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation / Faculty of Medicine Research in Medicine (RIM) Program

With the growing need to train and educate physicians who can contribute to health and health care beyond clinical medicine, the Research in Medicine (RIM) Program, a part of the Faculty of Medicine undergraduate medical curriculum, was established to help students develop an appreciation for the ability to pursue a career that can integrate clinical and research interests. Although RIM spans the 4 years of their program, the bulk of intensive research activity will take place over a twelve week period in the summer.

The following Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation Studentships are named and/or designated for specific purposes:

DMRF Leo Alexander Studentship in Cardiovascular Research
DMRF Dr. W. Alan Curry Studentship - Anatomy or Surgery
DMRF Morris Kohler Studentship - Neuroscience
DMRF Bergmann-Porter Studentship - General
DMRF Watson Studentship - Rheumatoid & Osteo Arthritis
DMRF Katelyn Robarts Summer Student Research Studenthsip - DMNB
DMRF Dr. Carl Tupper Studentship - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
DMRF Dr. Harold Cook Studentship - General
DMRF Dr. Thomas Coonan Summer Research Studentship - Anesthesia, Pain Management & Perioperative Medicine
DMRF Lalia B. Chase Studentship
DMRF E.J. Gordon Studentship

In addition to the above named studentships, Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation also offers up to six annual research studentships earmarked for those medical students enrolled in the Music in Medicine Program.

Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation offers its sincere thanks to both the named and the anonymous donors and their families whose generous donations to the Foundation make this annual research experience support available to students at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine.