Graduate Studentships

Graduate Studentships

Graduate studentships provide salary support for basic science trainees to complete masters or doctorate-level studies. They ensure that the brightest science graduates have the opportunity to pursue careers in medical research, putting them on a path of competitive success in the future.

CIBC Graduate Studentships

  • Daniel Medina-Luna
  • Kim Youra
  • Sarah Schwartz

DMRF Hazel L. MacDonald Graduate Studentship

The Hazel L. MacDonald Graduate Studentship plays a vital, ongoing role in training talented scientists in the areas of cardiovascular and metabolic research.

Recipients 2019/20:

  • Eilidh MacDonald
  • Stephan Heinze-Milne

DMRF DeWolfe Graduate Studentship

The DMRF DeWolfe Graduate Studentship is intended to provide support to students who are pursuing a Master's Degree or a PhD in a health related field at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine.

Recipients 2018/19:

  • Jessica Johnson

Bruce and Dorothy Rossetti Traineeship in Cancer Research

The Rossetti Fund makes a tremendous contribution to Dalhousie’s cancer research effort. Holders of the Rossetti traineeship award work in close collaboration with senior investigators to advance specific objectives of established research programs.


  • Dr. Wei Rao - 2015
  • Dr. Chungen Pan - 2014
  • Dr. Ajay Naidu - 2012
  • Dr. Linnea Veinotte - 2011
  • Dr. Christine King - 2008
  • Dr. Maya Shmulevitz - 2006
  • Dr. Suzanne Furlong - 2005