Graduate Studentships

Graduate Studentships

Graduate studentships provide salary support for basic science trainees to complete masters or doctorate-level studies. They ensure that the brightest science graduates have the opportunity to pursue careers in medical research, putting them on a path of competitive success in the future.

DMRF Hazel L. MacDonald Graduate Studentship

The Hazel L. MacDonald Graduate Studentship plays a vital, ongoing role in training talented scientists in the areas of cardiovascular and metabolic research.

Mr. Brandon Scott - 2014
Mr. Arun Govindapillai - 2014
Ms. Randi Parks - 2012/13

DMRF DeWolfe Graduate Studentship

The DMRF DeWolfe Graduate Studentship is intended to provide support to students who are pursuing a Master's Degree or a PhD in a health related field at Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine.

Mr. Corey Smith - 2013/14
Ms. Courtney Jollymore - 2013
Ms. Jaime Wertman - 2012

Bruce and Dorothy Rossetti Traineeship in Cancer Research

The Rossetti Fund makes a tremendous contribution to Dalhousie’s cancer research effort. Holders of the Rossetti traineeship award work in close collaboration with senior investigators to advance specific objectives of established research programs.

Dr. Wei Rao - 2015
Dr. Chungen Pan - 2014
Dr. Ajay Naidu - 2012
Dr. Linnea Veinotte - 2011
Dr. Christine King - 2008
Dr. Maya Shmulevitz - 2006
Dr. Suzanne Furlong - 2005