The Drs. John & Elizabeth Beattie Student Research Fund

The Drs. John & Elizabeth Beattie Student Research Fund

The Doctors John and Elizabeth Beattie Student Research Fund was established to honour the Beatties and their contributions to medicine and science.

Doctors John and Elizabeth Beattie were both born in Belfast, Ireland and attended medical school at Queen's University, Belfast. As a Professor of Anatomy at McGill and later as Director of Research at the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. John Beattie developed research in blood transfusions. This led to his involvement in innovative treatment of injured soldiers during the Second World War and organization of Britain's supervised infant welfare clinics and was an examiner for the Red Cross. In subsequent years they maintained strong ties with Canada through research interests in asbestosis. Dr. John Beattie brought the spirit of inquiry and the tools of research to everything he did.

The fund provides support for student research activity during undergraduate training. Because of the special interest of Drs. John and Elizabeth Beattie in the wellbeing of children, and the long-standing commitment of the founding benefactors, Ross and Margaret Guy of Halifax, to the study and prevention of disabilities in children, this fund will support research by students at the Atlantic Research Centre (housed at IWK Health Centre for Women, Children and Families).

Current Recipient:

Mitchell MacFarlane under the supervision of Dr. Neale Ridgway to study lipid binding activity of a class of cellular proteins called OSBPs.

Previous Recipients:

Van V.C. Nguyen Ada Poranek
Daniel Arsenault Amanda Crosby
Elias Fares Mary-Margaret Keating
Julia Cottle Jeffery Chen
Marissa LeBlanc Sharan Goobie
Patricia Doyle