Equipment Grants

Crucial Cornerstones

DMRF equipment grants enable Dalhousie medical researchers to set up and equip their laboratories, then build and advance their research programs. The Foundation has awarded over $5 million in equipment grants over the past 30 years. Faculty members say this support has been pivotal to their research achievements.

Meet our most recent equipment grant recipients

DMRF awarded $184,861 in equipment grants to talented investigators in its 2014-2015 Equipment Grant Competition.

2015 equipment grant recipients:

Dr. Graham Dellaire

$30,000 for a spherical aberration correction (SAC) device with millisecond switching for high resolution confocal microscopy

Dr. Graham Dellaire
Pediatrics, Biochemistry & Pharmacology

$11,532 for a Thermo Fisher Forma 993 double door ultra-low freezer

Dr. Adrienne Weeks

$15,000 for two direct heat in-vitrocell air jacketed CO2 incubator with decon cycle and zirconia 02 control

Dr. Jennifer Corcoran
Microbiology & Immunology

$30,000 for ChemiDoc Touch

Dr. Roy Duncan
Microbiology & Immunology

$24,923 for an HPLC separation module

Dr. Johan Van Limbergen

$18,400 for -80º freezer, -20º freezer, 4C fridge, water bath, benchtop centrifuge, fluorometer, micropipettes, pipet aid

Dr. Kerry Goralski

$25,006 for a multiuser automated liquid handling station, 1 year additional warranty and training

Dr. John Frampton
School of Biomedical Engineering

$30,000 for a function generator, needle hydrophone, high speed camera and motorized stage

2014 equipment grant recipients:

Dr. T. Alexander Quinn
Physiology & Biophysics

$20,000 for a stretching device for dynamic stretch of single live cells

Dr. Christopher J. Sinal

$26,000 for equipment to support study into obesity

Dr. Alon Friedman
Medical Neuroscience

$30,000 for equipment to support epilepsy research

2013 equipment grant recipients:

Dr. Susan Howlett
Pharmacology, Geriatric Medicine

$32,814 for equipment and technical support to study frailty and heart health

Dr. Gerry Johnston
Microbiology & Immunology

$38,354 for equipment to support genome analysis

Dr. Paul Murphy
Physiology & Biophysics

$8,625 for essential spectrophotometry equipment

Dr. Jan Rainey
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

$29,817 for equipment to analyse the role of individual atoms in human physiology

Dr. John Rohde
Microbiology & Immunology

$15,279 for imaging equipment to study bacterial infection

Dr. Kazue Semba
Medical Neuroscience

$23,440 for telemetry equipment to study the neurobiology of chronic sleep loss