Core Facilities

To ensure that Dalhousie researchers have access to leading-edge infrastructure and expertise, the medical school is working to establish a centralized network of core research facilities to house and provide access to new equipment. The “CORES,” as they are known, are staffed by expert personnel, who manage the sophisticated equipment — critical apparatus and infrastructure like molecular and cellular imaging, robotics, databases, etc. - contained within each facility.

Core facilities benefit a broad range of research programs at Dalhousie, including such areas as Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation, drug development and more. The goal is to create a modern, centralized suite of core research facilities in the Life Sciences Research Institute (LSRI). By co-locating core facilities with commercial and economic development activities, it is expected that scientists and entrepreneurs will be able to move research seamlessly from the lab to the commercial sphere. This work will represent the final phase of completion for the LSRI. It will stand as a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary facility equipped with the technological tools needed to recruit and retain the best-calibre physicians, scientists and research trainees to our region.

DMRF is proud to have significantly supported three Core Facilities including the Enhanced Gene Analysis & Discovery Facility (EGAD), the Zebrafish Lab and the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. DMRF strives to enhance and grow all the Core Facilities through various fundraising endeavours.

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