Cardiovascular Research

Atlantic Canada has the nation’s highest rates of cardiovascular deaths and of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Dalhousie medical researchers have formed the multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Group and are learning how the heart works, how it ages, how it becomes diseased and how it can best be protected, repaired and, ultimately, replaced. Dalhousie cardiovascular medical researchers are world leaders in the quest to develop heart failure therapies. Their work has the potential to repair damage caused by heart attacks, reverse the symptoms of heart failure, and prolong the lives of heart transplant patients.

This year, DMRF’s Molly Appeal is in support of cardiovascular research across the Maritimes. We are proud to engage our donors in a cause that affects so many people in our region. Click here to read more.

For more information about the amazing cardiovascular research being conducted at Dalhousie, please visit Dalhousie Medical School.