Where does my money go?

Guaranteed long-term funding for medical research

Since Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) was established in 1979, the Foundation has built an endowment fund worth more $58 million. This endowment provides a stable long-term funding base for research at Dalhousie Medical School and its affiliated teaching hospitals.

The Foundation focuses its support on four areas of research emphasis identified by Dalhousie Medical School: Cardiovascular research, Immunology research, Cancer research and Neuroscience research.

Over the last three and a half decades, DMRF has provided funding of over $40 million including support for 375 pieces of laboratory equipment, 55 research fellowships, 180 research studentships, 210 research awards and prizes, and 10 endowed research chairs.

Research Funding:

Past and Current Giving

The Foundation has funded ten endowed Research Chairs at Dalhousie Medical School in the areas of Alzheimer’s, autism, adolescent and adult mental health, cancer, epilepsy, vaccinology and vision.

In recent years, DMRF has contributed more than $6 million to several major projects, including an adolescent mental health initiative, a centre for excellence in heart function research, a high-speed cell-sorting facility, a multiplex analyzer for immunity research, a gamma irradiator for cancer research, a neuroscience graduate studentship program, zebrafish research facility and a $2 million contribution to the Life Sciences Research Institute (LSRI) opened adjacent to the Dalhousie Medical School in April 2011.

DMRF is also the largest local supporter of cancer research in Nova Scotia, providing more than $600,000 per year to the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Research Institute (BHCRI). This institute was launched at Dalhousie University in the spring of 2009 through a $12.5 million bequest to DMRF from Mrs. Hunter in memory of her parents – Dr. Owen and Mrs. Pearle Cameron.