Research in Medicine: Supporting the Next Generation of Medical Researchers

The Dalhousie Research in Medicine (RIM) program is expertly training the next generation of doctors and researchers and that means better healthcare for all of us.  DMRF is passionate about investing in the future, and RIM student training ensures better treatments and cures for the illness that impact not only our health but our economy as well.  With an aging population, training the next general of medical researchers is crucial.  Thanks to the support of DMRF donors, the RIM program is thriving. 

The first of its kind in Canada, RIM is a mandatory program that introduces Dalhousie medical students to research from the start of their medical training. From first year on, it fosters their research and critical thinking abilities as they complete independent research projects. By the time they receive their MD degrees, Dalhousie medical graduates have a thorough understanding of the vital role that research plays in today’s healthcare system.  These students also develop a strong sense of how they can incorporate research into their medical careers—not only to advance their own practice but to improve the quality and outcomes of care throughout the health care system and around the world.

“We want to train and support the next generation of doctors who are committed to advancing research knowledge, so they may sustain and strengthen this research environment and in turn, strengthen our healthcare system,” explains Dr. David Anderson, Dean of Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine.  “To date, over 200 students have presented their RIM research at conferences – often more than once – and fifty have published their research in journals.  We think this is significant.” 

With considerable support from our donors, this year DMRF supplied $210,000 in funding to RIM students.  Additional funding was supplied by Dalhousie University and the Faculty of Medicine.  We send special thanks to the DMRF donors who invested in our students.  Each studentship requires a $5,000 stipend, and donor support is central to this program’s success. 

“Cresco chose to support Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation because of their ongoing dedication to improve the quality of health services in the Maritimes and across the world,” says Taleb Abidali, Cresco principal. Added Hossein Mousavi, Cresco principal, “Their advancements in medicine impact the health and wellness of the communities we, as a business, serve.”  Cresco has generously committed to supporting ten RIM studentship, per year, over the next four years. 


For more information on supporting a RIM student, please contact Nadine Woon at nadine.woon@dal.ca.