Ms. Brianne Robinson

"Celebration!" Ms. Brianne Robinson

RIM Program Provides Expert Training to Dalhousie Medical Students

The first of its kind in Canada, RIM is a mandatory program that introduces Dalhousie Medical School students to research from the start of their medical training. From first year on, it fosters their research and critical thinking abilities as they complete independent research projects. By the time they receive their MD degrees, Dalhousie medical graduates have a thorough understanding of the vital role that research plays in today’s healthcare system. 

Helping RIM students to pursue research projects on top of their regular medical school studies, DMRF’s support is absolutely essential to the success of this cutting-edge program. This year, we’re pleased to report that DMRF donors supplied a total of $210,000 in funding to RIM students, with each DMRF studentship providing a $5,000 stipend per student.

“The RIM program gives us the unique opportunity to develop research skills early on, and supports our development as learners, problem solvers and communicators in a way that no other medical school program does in Canada,” says Brianne Robinson, currently in her second year of study. “Our experience in this program means that we have an incredible advantage over our peers from other medical schools, who do not have these mentored research opportunities.”

As the recipient of a DMRF studentship provided by Cresco, Brianne is currently researching the role of paramedics in palliative care, and how this role might be expanded in future to better serve patients. Presenting her work at conferences such as the National Association of EMS Physicians in San Diego, Brianne has already turned heads within the medical field at a very early stage in her career, while benefiting from opportunities to engage with experts in emergency care across North America.

Like many students, Brianne notes that she would not have the financial means to carry out her RIM research project on her own, without support from DMRF donors like Cresco. “The DMRF studentship helps to alleviate part of the financial burden associated with medical school, allowing me to focus on the research that can help to develop my future career as a medical professional.”

Thanks to the support of DMRF donors, Dalhousie’s RIM program is thriving. That means continuing to expertly train the next generation of medical professionals here in Atlantic Canada, and better health care for all of us.