Mr. Brian Thompson

My name is Brian Thompson and I am the CEO of the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation.  "Celebration!" The DMRF Impact Report to Donors celebrates you and the impact your giving has made on medical research at Dalhousie’s Faculties of Medicine and Health.  Dalhousie is producing leading-edge medical and health research that is recognized nationally and internationally.  We attract talent from all over the world and your support ensures we are able to retain these exceptional researchers while training the next generation.  

Thank you.  

We are very fortunate in Nova Scotia because we have a unique research ecosystem that is built on collaboration - not just between our researchers, but between organizations.  We are proud to work with Dalhousie Advancement, various corporations, hospital partners, associations, the Province and the Nova Scotia Health Authority... to name a few.  

Our goal:  improving healthcare in the province and beyond.

2018 has brought us many reasons to be proud – not only is Dalhousie University celebrating its 200th birthday, but Dalhousie Medical School is recognizing 150 years of producing thousands of outstanding students, clinicians and researchers.  This is good news for all of us.  Dalhousie University is a recognized academic leader in this region and across the country and our Faculties of Health and Medicine are impacting healthcare in ways that significantly improve the quality of our lives.  Research seeks to impact lives by finding better treatments and ultimately cures for the devastating conditions and diseases that touch each of us.  

Impact drives us.  

Thanks largely to the support of the private sector, DMRF had a banner year, raising $6 million that supported the recruitment and retention of some of the best minds in the world, along with the vital equipment and resources needed to bolster the continuity and effectiveness of their work.   Medical research is a powerful economic driver, creating jobs and promising business opportunities while training the people and attracting the investment to build a thriving knowledge economy in the Maritimes.  You will see evidence of these remarkable outcomes throughout our Impact Report document.

Together, we can make a difference.

Your support is making the Maritimes a global leader in medical research and for that, we are grateful.