Mr. Allan Shaw

Personal Connection Leads to Significant Impact

My name is Allan Shaw and I am Chair of the DMRF Board and a proud donor.  I want to thank you for your generous giving.  

Philanthropy is needed to advance medical research into real life outcomes.  We have the talent.  We have the environment.  We have the commitment.  And we have a call-to-action as our community – both locally and globally – is faced with many health challenges.  

Together, we can make a difference.

Your support is making the Maritimes a global leader in medical research and for that, we are grateful.

At DMRF, we foresee the immense task of imparting systemic change in the delivery of healthcare; it will require planning, collaboration, performance measures, and continued support from the public and private sectors.  As Brian mentioned, we are dedicated to working with like-minded community partners to make these significant changes, improving healthcare outcomes for our province and beyond.  

You too are our partners in change.  

Dalhousie’s Faculties of Medicine and Health feature world-class research environments comprised of teams of nationally and internationally acclaimed experts who perform outstanding medical research.   We are committed to bringing our innovation to the world stage.  Collaboration is key to this endeavour.

I joined the DMRF Board in 2005 because I believe in the power of medical and health research to affect change.  Each of us has experienced the trials that come from health conditions and disease; it takes away from our quality of life and often, can shorten our lifespan.  

We want to change this.  

At DMRF, we know the impact our researchers are making – it’s not only affecting our region but the entire country and beyond.  We are world-class.   The time, dedication and talent it takes to find quicker and more accurate diagnosis, better treatments and, of course, cures, cannot be understated.  As donors, you make a difference with every dollar you give.   

Thank you.