Dr. Ron Stewart

World-Class Researcher Makes a Transformative Gift

Dr. Ronald Stewart Contributes $1.3 million to Support Emergency Health Services Research

As an esteemed physician and the former Minister of Health for the Province of Nova Scotia, Dr. Ronald Stewart is widely recognized for establishing the first-rate Emergency Health Services (EHS) system in Nova Scotia, and for spearheading a major expansion of home care services across the province a full 20 years ago. Throughout his career of 40 years, Dr. Stewart has received a long list of remarkable accolades and honours. This year, at DMRF, we add another.

In keeping with his commitment to emergency health care excellence, Dr. Stewart has recently pledged $1.3 million to DMRF in support of the establishment of the Ronald Stewart Symposium in Emergency Medical Services Research, and to provide seed funding for a Chair in Emergency Medical Services Research.  

Held in Halifax this past October, the first Ronald Stewart Symposium in Emergency Medicine Research was a huge success, bringing together EHS workers from around the world for advanced learning, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Thanks to Dr. Stewart, paramedics, first responders, and their colleagues in the health professions will be able to join local, national, and international guest speakers and presenters at the symposium every five years, to help advance global knowledge, partnerships and EHS systems.

“The symposium was designed to bring paramedics, EHS nurses, physicians, EHS staff, researchers, the media, and the public together to examine the evidence we have built up over the last five years, what current projects are underway, and what we should be doing over the next five years to advance the specialty,” says Dr. Stewart. “To see the advances in drugs, equipment and technology in recent years is astounding; to imagine what further improvements can be made as a result of having a regular symposium, dedicated to the exchange of global EHS information, is even more exciting.”

In addition to supporting the symposium, Dr. Stewart’s pledge will also help advance the EHS system through the provision of seed funding for a Chair in Emergency Medical Services Research. In pursuit of an even more innovative, efficient and effective EHS system in Nova Scotia, this Chair position will support critical research that will empower EHS workers to provide up-to-date, world-leading emergency care, in times of people’s greatest need.  

DMRF is extremely grateful to Dr. Stewart for his service to the medical community as a physician, health system reformer, and philanthropist. Dr. Stewart’s legacy of humble compassion and care will continue through this incredible gift, helping to teach others, and save lives.