Our fight against COVID-19

As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the globe, researchers across the country have been called upon to find answers. Their work is vital in the development of diagnostic tools, treatments and vaccines that can be used worldwide in the fight against COVID-19. 

Frontline research into this deadly virus has never been more critical. In response, the Government of Canada has announced funding for coronavirus research being done across the country.And now, Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation is partnering with Research NS to increase that funding for the crucial COVID-19 research happening right here in the Maritimes.  

Researchers at Dalhousie University are working rapidly to develop a vaccine and antiviral drug that will save lives and slow the global spread of COVID-19. What’s more, Dr. David Kelvin and his team of researchers are working on a device that would allow healthcare professionals to better assess patients and their risk of severe illness. This device would identify biomarkers in COVID-19 patients who are most at risk, so that their care can be immediately prioritized. 

In addition to a contribution of $350,000 from its rapid response fund, Research NS has committed to matching Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation’s generous contribution of $250,000 for this critical work. 

As a DMRF supporter, you’ve played a significant role in the incredible health research outcomes we’ve seen at Dalhousie University.  By making a donation today, you can join us as we tackle this devastating virus together. 


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