From internationally acclaimed research in preventing and treating severe mental illness to a nationally recognized Brain Repair Centre, Dalhousie’s neuroscience and mental health research is making progressive strides in matters related to brain health. The Canada-Israel Trans-Atlantic Collaboration for Brain Studies is a recent collaborative research partnership between Dalhousie University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. This collaborative effort will help to close the knowledge gap in key areas of brain disorders by creating the opportunity for students and researchers at both institutions to collaborate and share knowledge, resources and data. Dalhousie is also home to international experts in child and adolescent mental health who are in the midst of a longitudinal study that is among the best in the world. Prevention, faster diagnosis and better, more personalized treatments have become the focus of our leading researchers in severe mood illnesses like bipolar disorder and depression. 

“We’re not just a neuroscience institute engaged in the study of neuroscience – many universities have these. Our aim is really to make discoveries in the lab and take them out into the community to improve health – to change clinical care, educate the public on preventative measures, and improve quality of life for patients around the world.” 

– Dr. Victor Rafuse
Director, Brain Repair Centre; Professor, Department of Medical Neuroscience, Dalhousie University