With a vision of harnessing the power of the human immune system to improve health, the infection, immunity, inflammation and vaccinology (I3V) team at Dalhousie and affiliated health centres bring together internationally recognized strengths in all these areas of research. The focus of the I3V team is to develop new approaches to prevent and treat infectious diseases, chronic inflammation, and cancer. This provides a unique and powerful resource for preventing and combating disease by exploiting a range of research methodologies and approaches from traditional laboratory and clinical science, through to the knowledge mobilization, informatics, social scientists, and bioethical expertise. Dalhousie’s I3V group is comprised of more than 40 principal investigators, over 100 trainees, and 80 long-term staff, all working together to find synergies and reach common goals, faster. This team is looking to expedite the development of new vaccines, immunotherapies, antiviral drugs and cancer-fighting viruses for the improvement of human health.

"This research addresses infectious diseases, chronic inflammation and cancer, all of which have devastating impacts on human health. Expanding our research activities will bring us closer to a new reality, where we can prevent and treat these conditions to improve health around the world."

– Dr. Roy Duncan
Research Team Leader & Professor
Department of Microbiology & Immunology, Dalhousie University