Dalhousie’s Collaborative Health Solutions Group is made up of researchers and clinicians working together to address key problem areas within our health care system, and society at large. Focusing on high-cost socioeconomic conditions such as chronic pain, mental illness, aging and obesity, this group is innovating ways to identify and implement better systemic approaches in order to maximize resources, and improve quality of life for patients across the province. Bringing together collaborative research teams in emergency medicine, chronic pain, child and youth health, primary collaborative health care, frailty and aging, and musculoskeletal health, the Health Priorities Cluster has the strength to transform health policy to better manage complex and chronic conditions. This is critical not only for the health, happiness and productivity of patients, but also for reducing system burdens and taxpayer costs across the province, year after year. Researchers and clinicians in this group represent the future of health in Nova Scotia – a future with more proactive public education to prevent chronic disease, and improved system efficiencies that maximize resources, reduce wait times, and better serve patients in need.

Somes of the Research Projects Included:

  • SKIP
  • Primary Health
  • Indigenous Health Research
  • Frailty and Healthy Aging

"As the system gets move overwhelmed and dysfunctional, we have to do better to match the capacities of each care area with the requirements of patients. We have a responsibility to adapt our approaches to meet the needs of our population.”

– Dr. Sam Campbell
Chief, Charles V. Keating Emergency and Trauma Centre, QEII Health Sciences Centre; Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Dalho