Funding Priorities

The Nova Scotia Health Research ecosystem is experiencing a paradigm shift. A more collaborative approach to improving health outcomes is quickly becoming the new reality. DMRF supports progressive health research. We are forward thinking. We understand the health outcomes of tomorrow depend on the research excellence of today. At DMRF, we foresee the immense task of imparting systemic change in the delivery of healthcare; it will require planning, collaboration, performance measures, and continued support from the public and private sectors. We are dedicated to working with like-minded community partners to make these significant changes, improving healthcare outcomes for our province and beyond. Donations to DMRF influence the diagnosis, treatments, and cures of the future. Prevention, healthy living, and addressing the specific needs of vulnerable populations are crucial aspects of the research initiatives that are influencing societal change. Through donor support and a well managed endowment, DMRF is responding to the shifting paradigm of health issues in our region and beyond.