This fiscal year alone we granted $5.6 million to critical health research projects at Dalhousie, which represents our greatest granting year yet. This support significantly impacts health research outcomes at Dalhousie, allowing our researchers more focused time to dedicate to their life-changing work. When our researchers succeed, health outcomes are advanced and we all benefit. Capital equipment grants, scholarships, fellowships, studentships, research chairs, and recognition awards allow us to attract and retain world-class talent, foster crucial collaborative partnerships and purchase vital equipment and research. We all bear witness to the difference your dollars make, with every research breakthrough that comes to fruition. Together, we truly are better and we thank you for your continued support. 

Capital Equipment and Core Facilities 732,600
Research Chairs 443,900
Research Fellowships   162,500
Studentships and Graduate Studentships 370,000
Prizes, Awards and Sponsorships 104,600
Cancer Research 753,700
Multi-disciplinary Research Grants  1,321,200
Immunity, Inflammation and Infectious Diseases 988,900
FORBOW (family and youth mental health study) 224,700
Uplift: For Healthier Generations  367,100
Solutions for Kids in Pain   158,100
TOTAL: 5,627,300

Click here for a PDF version of the financial statements of the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation for year ending March 31, 2020. 

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