DMRF is pleased to announce that the first breast cancer conference to be held in Halifax Nova Scotia will take place on May 5, 2018 at The Westin Nova Scotian.  This event is being organized in conjunction with acclaimed Dalhousie Medical Researcher Dr. Paola Marignani.  Dr. Marignani was the lead investigator of a group of fifteen medical researchers for the 2017/18 DMRF Molly Appeal for Cancer Research.

The Breast Cancer Conference in Halifax, or, BCCH-1 will provide a unique multidisciplinary setting for scientists, clinicians, healthcare providers, breast cancer survivors, and advocates with a shared interest in breast cancer. The one day conference provides an opportunity to discuss, debate, and educate about the rapidly changing landscape of breast cancer.

BCCH-1 welcomes a broad audience to Nova Scotia’s first breast cancer conference. Our conference supports scientific exchange on all aspects of breast cancer, from bench to bedside and provides an opportunity to discuss key issues faced by patients throughout their breast cancer journey.

The BCCH-1 programme will highlight the importance of interactions and exchange amongst all stakeholders. Delegates are invited to submit summaries or abstracts for the opportunity to present their breast cancer journey, or scientific discoveries.

Guest are invited to join this event for networking, exchange of ideas and discovery.

CLICK HERE for information, registration and venue location.