Chairs in Medical Research

DMRF Funded Chairs in Medical Research

DMRF is proud to have helped in supporting ten of the 28 research chairs housed at Dalhousie Medical School. Chairs are researchers who are recognized as top scholars in their field and who are making a substantial impact on the research environment. Chairs raise the profile of their areas of expertise, attract research funding and talented trainees, and make important discoveries. They transform scientific thinking, clinical practice and health care policy - locally and around the world.

Dr. Patrick Lee

Dr. Kenneth Rockwood

Dr. Isabel Smith

DMRF Cameron Endowed Chair in Basic Cancer Research

DMRF Katherine A. Weldon Endowed Chair in Alzheimer's  Research

Dalhousie Joan and Jack Craig Endowed Chair in Autism Research

Dr. Phillip Tibbo

Dr. Sultan Darvesh

Dr. Stan Kutcher

Dalhousie Dr. Paul Janssen Endowed Chair Psychotic Disorders Research

DMRF Irene MacDonald Sobey Endowed Chair in Curative Approaches to Alzheimer's Disease

Dalhousie Sun Life Financial Endowed Chair in Adolescent Mental Health Research 

Alon Friedman

Dr. Joanne Langley


William Dennis Chair in Epilepsy Research

Dalhousie CIHR-GSK Chair in Pediatric Vaccinology  

Past Chair Support

Dr. Geoff Porter

Dr. Balwantray Chauhan

Gibran & Jamile Ramia QEII Health Sciences Centre Endowed Chair in Surgical Oncology Research

Dr. R. Evatt & Rita Mathers Chair in Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Research


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