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Welcome to our brand

DMRF is passionate about our brand and what it represents. For over forty years, our brand has represented trust, transparency, and innovation. Today, we value those characteristics as much as we did yesterday, while looking to a future where we respond nimbly to a vastly changing world with a focus on not only basic science, but the social determinants of health. (Read about DMRF's Focused Five)

When accessing our brand assets, we ask that you follow the guidelines as laid out in our Brand Guidelines document. If you have questions, please contact our Director, Communications, Christena Copeland at

Our Brand Narrative:

We provide funding for leading-edge health research. We are aninnovative organization that constantly seeks new ways of doing things. We move quickly and nimbly to respond to emerging and constantly changing needs when it comes to health.

We believe in transparency and ensuring our donors both know and feel good about where and how their money is spent. We are proud to be based in Atlantic Canada, but the research we support knows no boundaries—we contribute to change on a global scale.

 Our Brand Pillars:

  1. Innovative
    We are constantly seeking to innovate, adapt, and improve the way we work within our own organization and with the organizations we partner with. This relentless pursuit of innovation and collaborative approach also extends to the type of research we choose
    to support.
  2. Nimble
    We are not bogged down by layers—we have the ability to move quickly and pivot when and where we need to in order to provide the best support for any situation that arises.
  3. Transparent
    We provide clear and honest communication, so our donors know exactly where their money is going and how they are supporting important innovations in health.
  4. Beyond borders
    We are proudly based in Atlantic Canada, but our impact can be felt around the world. Great ideas are not confined to a geographic location—and neither are we.

Our Tagline:

Your health. Our world. 

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