• Led by 28 world-leading dementia experts, including Dalhousie's Dr. Kenneth Rockwood, a new global report finds that 40 per cent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life.

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  • Conquering Coronavirus

    Today, COVID-19 poses a great threat to our global population. In response to this pandemic, Dalhousie researchers are taking swift action

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  • Support Molly

    Dalhousie University is a global leader in the discoveries and development of new vaccines, antiviral drugs and other life-saving viral therapies. And now, Dalhousie researchers are using their knowledge and expertise to focus on the fight against COVID-19.

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  • Healthier Years Ahead

    Let’s see how we can improve with age. Support our research in Frailty and Aging with a monthly donation.

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  • Competition Schedule

    Dalhousie medical school researchers and their students can apply for funds through a variety of programs.

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  • Funding Research Excellence

    Amazing advancements in medicine are made right here in the Maritimes. This is where tomorrow’s big leap forward takes its first step.

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COVID-19 Update: learn what DMRF is doing to support health and wellness during this unprecedented time.

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DMRF Impact Report 2020

We are excited to present to you our digital Impact Report, as well as our virtual Impact Reception, both full of the latest and greatest local health research findings, supported in part thanks to the generosity of you, our donors!


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Impact Report 2020 Story Feature:

Dr. Rudolf Uher and Intervening in Youth Depression, Right from the Initial Onset

“Over the next three years, it is expected that approximately 100 youth in the FORBOW study will develop their first episode of depression, based on predictive factors such as family history and age. We are in a unique position to provide these youth with early, high quality treatment, and to test the long-term outcomes associated with choosing either psychological treatment or medication. Our new Depression Intervention Project will be the first study in the world to compare the effectiveness of these two treatments, from the very first episode of depression in youth.”

– Dr. Rudolf Uher

Canada Research Chair in Early Intervention in Psychiatry, Professor, Researcher, Dalhousie University, FORBOW lead

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Support Life-Changing Research On Frailty and Aging.

With breakthroughs in modern medicine, people are living longer lives than ever before. Research shows that by 2036, nearly one quarter of the Canadian population will be over the age of 65. An aging population means an increased risk of becoming frail, which can often lead to a lower quality of life and higher risk of death, hospitalization and institutionalization.

That’s where DMRF comes in.

Become a monthly donor today and create healthier years ahead.

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I’m proud to know that we have such great doctors and scientists right here in the Maritimes doing ground-breaking work in cancer immunotherapy. If I had been diagnosed even five years earlier, I would not be alive right now.

Dr. Chris Field, Cancer Survivor

DMRF Board Member Feature: Mr. Rob Barbara

This year, we are pleased to welcome Mr. Rob Barbara to the DMRF Board. Mr. Barbara is a General Partner of Build Ventures in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Where to Find Us

Our office is located at 5743 University Avenue, Suite #98, on the corner of University Avenue and Cathedral Lane, in Halifax, NS.

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