• Support Molly

    1 in 2 Canadians will hear the words “you have cancer” in their lifetime. You can help change that.

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  • Small but mighty

    Using zebrafish to learn how cancers grow and respond to treatment is just one of the groundbreaking research studies being done here.

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    A world-renowned severe mental illness research study designed to help children and their families develop in a healthier way

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  • Viroceuticals Research

    Recent breakthroughs in viroceuticals research at Dalhousie are now being applied to the treatment and prevention of a host of life-threatening illnesses, with major impacts for the advancement of public health on a global scale.

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  • Competition Schedule

    Dalhousie medical school researchers and their students can apply for funds through a variety of programs.

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  • Funding Research Excellence

    Amazing advancements in medicine are made right here in the Maritimes. This is where tomorrow’s big leap forward takes its first step.

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Give a Gift

The 4th Annual DMRF Breakthrough Breakfast!

Join us on Wednesday, November 6th at the Cunard Centre! We are excited to announce our next Breakthrough Breakfast, recognizing outstanding local research in frailty and aging. Our researchers are investigating ways we can age better and live longer.


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Your generosity impacts their research excellence.

Our Impact Report tells the story of the remarkable impact your giving has on our researchers’ work. From all of us at DMRF, thank you.

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​DMRF’s Impact Reception 2019

On June 12th, we celebrated the outstanding impact that you, our donors, have had on local health research. This year, we were proud to have paid out over $5 million to our researchers’ cutting-edge work. This special evening was a celebration of philanthropy and of health research excellence.

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In Memory of Gillian Morrow

Five years ago, the Gillian’s Hope Fund was created through DMRF, in support of Multiple Sclerosis research at Dalhousie. This fund, was named in honour of Ms. Gillian Morrow, a vibrant and courageous woman who lived with MS for over 20 years. We were saddened to learn of her passing on June 14th. We will continue to fundraise for the Gillan’s Hope Fund and all donations are welcome.

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Research in Action

The iconic, “Man in Motion”, Dr. Rick Hansen joined members of the DMRF team, donors and just a few of our internationally acclaimed neuroscience researchers at an intimate gathering and dinner mid May. An outstanding athlete, activist and storyteller, guests had the opportunity to hear Dr. Hansen speak, while enjoying cutting-edge presentations from neuroscientists Drs. Rafuse and Christie.

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You can’t ever give up. In research, or in life, it’s not an option.

Mike Watson, ALS Survivor

UpLift - For Healthier Generations!

UpLift involves youth as change agents for their school, families and communities. Engaging youth to actively participate in decisions that impact them increases efficacy of programs and policies and acknowledges the skills and knowledge that they bring to the table. There are many organizations across Nova Scotia that offer a variety of resources to foster healthy environments and healthy public policy. UpLift acts as a catalyst to bring these groups together and unite everyone under the umbrella of health and wellbeing for our children and youth.

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​Global Research Excellence

At DMRF, we support groundbreaking health research that is world-renowned and internationally competitive. This inspiring video shares a snapshot of just some of the outstanding talent and research that we are proud to support.

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Where to Find Us

Our office is located at 5743 University Avenue, Suite #98, on the corner of University Avenue and Cathedral Lane, in Halifax, NS.

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