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A strengthened partnership in health research

For more than 40 years, Dalhousie and DMRF have shared a vision for health research in the Maritimes: to drive excellence in health and health care through world-class research and education.

To amplify their individual efforts, they formally joined forces in October 2022. This partnership has seen the two entities unite to create an expert team with a vision to collaboratively raise even more funds for health research and continue to support research excellence and promote healthy, strong communities.

Read the full article, originally published in Dalhousie's Giving Power Magazine here and check out the accompanying video below.

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Video: learn more about the Dalhousie-DMRF integration

Molly Appeal

"Research is the best medicine" - Molly Moore

The Molly Appeal is Dalhousie University's annual campaign created to raise critical funds throughout the year in support of local health research excellence.

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