• Support Molly!

    With your support, bad cells that cause cancer and disease will have no where left to hide.

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  • Small but mighty

    Using zebrafish to learn how cancers grow and respond to treatment is just one of the groundbreaking research studies being done here.

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  • A Life-Saving Pledge

    Dr. Ron Stewart makes a $1.3 million pledge to support Emergency Health Services research!

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    A world-renowned severe mental illness research study designed to help children and their families develop in a healthier way

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  • Viroceuticals Research

    Recent breakthroughs in viroceuticals research at Dalhousie are now being applied to the treatment and prevention of a host of life-threatening illnesses, with major impacts for the advancement of public health on a global scale.

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  • Competition Schedule

    Dalhousie medical school researchers and their students can apply for funds through a variety of programs.

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  • Funding Research Excellence

    Amazing advancements in medicine are made right here in the Maritimes. This is where tomorrow’s big leap forward takes its first step.

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​Global Research Excellence

At DMRF, we support groundbreaking health research that is world-renowned and internationally competitive.

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This Fall’s Molly Appeal

A special family shares a story of how their baby Ella’s life was changed and saved by medical research…

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Another Successful Breakthrough Breakfast

With over 400 guests in the room, our 3rd annual Breakthrough Breakfast was a great success!

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We proudly celebrate the impact of our donor’s giving with this beautiful document aptly named “Celebration!” Please read more to learn about some of the outstanding, leading-edge medical and health research your dollars have supported!

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You can’t ever give up. In research, or in life, it’s not an option.

Mike Watson, ALS Survivor

​Prestigious CIHR Appointment for Dr. Chris McMaster

Dr. Christopher McMaster, a Professor at Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine, has been appointed as the scientific director for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) Institute of Genetics (IG).

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Where to Find Us

Our office is located at 5743 University Avenue, Suite #98 on the corner of Cathedral Lane. We welcome our researchers, donors, volunteers and community partners to visit us!

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